There is so much to bed and breakfast other than what the name suggests. The facility dives more into catering to the specific needs of every visitor. If you need to find a place to spend and relax, Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast, Inn On The Paseo is the best option for you.

The B & B facility has a lot of amenities attached to it. The amenities include sleeping in a clean and comfortable environment with specialized amenities like hot tubs. Besides, you wake up to a well-prepared breakfast menu with top-notch chefs.

Here is what to expect;


Most facilities have qualified chefs who produce a more elaborate menu for meals. The items offered change from day to day to break the monotony. Furthermore, you can choose where you want to take your meal like on the balcony, in rooms or the restaurant. For instance, if you don’t want to go to the restaurant area, you can decide to order room service. The staff will deliver the meal to your room.

You can serve your meals in many ways like table service, self-service, buffet service, room service, and takeaway. Many facilities allow you to select whichever method is convenient for you and the waiters are always ready to deliver.

Diet considerations

With the availability of specialized chefs and fresh ingredients, the facility takes care of those guests with special diet requests. All you need to do is use the room telephone extension to call the chef in charge and explain the specifications of your meal. State what to include and what you don’t take. For example, if you are a vegetarian, they will not prepare the meat for you.

Room amenities

The room you have checked in must be safe, clean, and up to standard. It should have a comfortable bed and telephone extension. Other available amenities include:

  • Wi-Fi and TV. A good room is supposed to have a stable WI-FI connection and a working television. Remember to ask at the reception whether the WI-FI is complimentary or at an extra fee.
  • Specialized amenities. The amenities include hot tubs, balconies, swimming pools, decks, and patios. Some establishments offer Gym, massage, hairdryer, and saunas as complimentary services.

  • Bed and breakfast facilities know unique ways of making the guest feel special. Ranging from warm towels for the shower and the pool to unique bathroom detergents, makes the guest enjoy their stay. Additionally, you receive more towels upon the guest’s request.

  • Private bathroom. The facilities are not like those in the old days when visitors had to share bathrooms. in current establishments, each room has its private bathroom with a shower.

The experience

With the fewer visitors they receive, attention to detail is a guarantee. The employees take time to listen to your needs and exceed guest’s expectations. They offer comfort in every aspect. Guests with special needs receive attention beyond expectations. The experience is better than that of a hotel.

Local attractions

Some bed and breakfast establishments are in sites with beautiful touristic attractions like museums, city sites, and parks. You can view the animals and the attractions in the morning as you take your meal.


Rooms in bed and breakfast are cheap than those in hotels. Many people can afford to stay there. The number of guests the establishment can accommodate at a given time is smaller and makes it easier to deliver high-quality services.

Bed and breakfast facilities are the best option for everyone and those working on a fixed budget. The facilities are easily accessible and affordable to many. With the fewer guests they receive, they assure them of their privacy. Moreover, attention to detail is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, for those with special meal requests like vegetarian, the chefs prepare their food adhering to every detail. Bed and Breakfast facilities are some of the best places to stay.